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Varsity/Junior Varsity Concept and Specific Rules

Background: The varsity/junior varsity concept is a system that is used in many provinces in Canada and all throughout the United States. This is an athlete-centered approach which allows students to compete at the appropriate level rather than by simply an age requirement. It is a one program idea where varsity and junior varsity coaches work together to ensure the best possible situation for all student-athletes. It is fairly uncommon for grade 11's to play junior varsity and usually involves factors such as being new to the sports and perhaps limitations. However, the ultimate goal for each junior varsity player is that they will eventually develop enough to play varsity sport. Junior varsity is about development of skill in all players. Below are specific rules that govern the varsity/junior varsity system:

  • Players are allowed 4 play dates at the varsity level (5th play date and they have to remain varsity)
  • A play date is defined as a calendar day (i.e. a tournament day with more than one game only counts as one play date)
  • Cannot play Junior Varsity and Varsity in the same day
  • Can only participate in one level of playoffs
  • A player that is on the game sheet is considered to have played
  • Junior Varsity teams may include players with 2000, 1999, 1998 birth years only (i.e. no grade 12's)
  • Maximum of three grade 11's on a Junior Varsity roster; special permission must be granted for more than three
  • All grade 11 Junior Varsity players must be vetted through the AD/CCC for approval at SSSAA
  • Coaches must email their AD/CCC to indicate that a player is being moved up
  • Coaches are asked to keep a record of all game sheets

Language will be included in the junior varsity playing regulations stating...
"Each student-athlete should be afforded a fair opportunity for playing time"
"Coaches should strive to provide adequate playing time for all players for the sake of development"
"Note: Regular season results have no impact on playoff tournament seeding"